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WLAN network to further Post Your
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Thus, the data expansion and data traffic and management is becoming a driving force of China Mobile's growth.
traffic operation last year, the rapid development
thanks to China Mobile's strong network infrastructure. At present, China Mobile 900 000 base stations throughout the country, network quality, comprehensive leading; of TD-SCDMA network has covered all cities above county level,[url=]f50 soccer shoes[/url], the scale of users over 50 million, the full realization of the three-year development goals; WLAN network to further optimize the customer experience wireless access points over two million, is expected to be developed within three years to six million; the successful completion of the 6 cities of TD-LTE scale technical trial network construction in the TD-LTE test results in line with expectations. Will start this year to expand the scale trial network construction, new and upgrading of the two modes of construction of more than 20,000 TD-LTE base station is expected that in 2013 the size of the TD-LTE base station to more than 200,[url=]cheap nike soccer shoes[/url],000.
217 300 000 000 MB
investment bank Morgan Stanley analysts said that since last year, China Mobile has done restructuring, while doing traditional business data services and data traffic management as a new revenue stream.
data from its disclosure
analysis of data traffic business, China Mobile is based on the network edge, adhere to the four networks coordinated strategy to make wireless Internet access and other services been fully developed.
January 2011 to June, China Mobile wireless Internet traffic to reach 1,371 billion MB only to September, this figure that increased to 2,173 billion MB, development can be described as not rapid.
China Mobile (00941.HK) will be March 15, 2011 Annual Report. Comprehensive China Mobile annual development, especially the Interim Report,[url=]soccer shoes 2012[/url], the industry that the 2011 annual results of China Mobile will steadily, and traffic operation played an important role.
data services, China Mobile in recent years have established a wireless music, mobile payment, mobile phone animation, mobile phone reading, mobile games and nine base of operations to launch business cooperation model in line with the laws of the market,[url=]

adidas soccer shoes[/url], attractive,[url=]nike

soccer shoes[/url], open development of data services space, the release of the business development potential, a number of new business in 2011 realized the scale of development. In the area of ​​wireless music, for example, the 2011 China Mobile has become the starting platform for 98% of Chinese songs, the China's largest trading platform of genuine music, this year accumulated to provide customers with more than 1 billion times the genuine music downloads. MM mobile applications mall has become the world's largest Chinese App Store, 115,000 has been accumulated application developers to more than 3.7 million registered users over 170 million application downloads up to 670 million times. The first Worldwide Developers Conference held in December 2011 showed that China Mobile is actively promoting from channel to provide the transition to the role of the platform operators. nine months of the wireless Internet traffic in.bkwjz16.

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WLAN network to further


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