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However, Choi top Lun said, like staring at the word child, I think do not know.
the past few years, always kept some people face to face examination Cai top Lun word how much oil painting, how many oil paintings of that word. And he never disappointing, others in amazement baffled ... he also will become a sort of a small local celebrities, colleagues, friends, known as .
the Double Star Avenue, Bishan County, a district, many residents are aware of the district where the The reason why the top Lun Tsai
Speaking of this it one can know the number of strokes of the word.
This is a real skill or trick?
I for several 52 do not know traditional characters, an inattentive wrong. In addition to identifying uncommon word test for him, the more a Deng surname colleagues own a Just a second or two later, Cai Lun top to say the correct answer, colleagues stunned by.
The friend of a friend of a friend of
friends around me, my friends, my friends, I have invited, did not delay and a test of a test of the number of Chinese character strokes. learn from it.
Cai recalls top Lun, said, During that time, he suddenly like 'word.
expert analysis
you Xingsha?
top Lun Tsai Chinese character strokes sensitive, have a certain relationship is likely that he suffered a serious car accident. the potential to potential developers; two is Cai top Lun injury and discharged one, such as newborns-like re-know things in the process in, but in this process, he of Chinese characters in particular, pay attention, .
When a character appears in front of me, I feel like can 'see through' it,[url=]oil paintings[/url], the feeling that it's the number of strokes.
Cai top Lun said recently, he sprouted to declare the idea of ​​the Guinness Book of World Records, I When the security of the wages of 1440 yuan per month, barely enough to maintain the basic livelihood of a family of four, how can there be so much spare cash yo. Lobbied registration fee favorite smoking his intention to quit smoking to save money,
or reconstruction after injury awareness about
know still do not know a paragraph of text,[url=]oil painting reproduction[/url], as long as a quick glimpse of, he will be able to immediately report their strokes how much, and is almost 100% correct. Because of this Yesterday, Cai said top Lun, his biggest wish now is to declare the Guinness Book of World Records.
said Cai top Lun, 2005, he suffered a serious car accident. In the course of treatment, he had one week did not co-eyes,
Top Lun Tsai, and soon, he has a
can this fame to top Lun Tsai did not bring much
0.67 seconds reported the number of strokes of a word
Yesterday, on the stroke brother Cai top lun, the reporter interviewed the Xinqiao Hospital, professor of neurosurgery Liu Shiyong.
Cai top-lun told reporters sensitive to the Chinese character strokes, not innate,
Professor Liu said that in clinical medicine,[url=]canvas oil painting[/url], he also encountered a similar phenomenon and top Lun Tsai,
yesterday, the reporter saw the word games to find Cai top Lun. No, he was in front of reporters show a. The reporter took out a newspaper, Cai top Lun one by one to say the strokes of Chinese characters in the news, his fluent. The The reporter was calculated, that is, on average every 0.67 seconds, Cai top Lun will be able to
yesterday, the Double Star Avenue,[url=]oil painting for sale[/url], Bishan County, a district top Lun Tsai quickly reported the number of strokes of each Chinese character of the paper.Friends tongue praise Cai the top Lun number of strokes of the ability7.4 seconds, top Lun Tsai accurately reported the number of strokes of the 11 words.bkwjz16.

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style,fashion,outlet,oil paintings


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