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Out of the ordinary models have appeared Post Your
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Posted by View Profile lavender
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You are not surely miss some chance to get up with this!
New model and fashionable style , Right Price , Beautiful appearance
More functions is watting for you
8' Android 2.3 Capacitive Touch-Screen Tablet PC VI30,Cortex-A8 512M DDR3/16GB,1.2GHz,HDMI,1024°Ń768 pixels
From the following picture, we can see some reliable information, The hd screen to help you better browse the web, you can enjoy your music or chat with some foreign friends through the 8' Android touch-screen Tablet PC
Otherwise,it supports Ebook: TXT,LRC,PDF,Html,Htm,EPUB,PDB,FB2 and support JPEG£¨BMP£¨GIF£¨PNG
You can use this android tablet to play angry birds pc games,small size fit for different ages people,more convenient to Put into your pocket High quality technology makes this touch screen out of date,no matter you get it £¨it still Present the most perfect one side,if you want to have a different android tablet, this you can not lose!

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Out of the ordinary models have appeared

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