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Oil paintings red has brought the tide of revolution Post Your
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White is pure, and it is beautiful. White Day, to bring endless hopes and eager. If before a Valentine's Day is a romantic, then this is the quiet the White Day, shallow statements were made,[url=]canvas oil painting[/url], then the color is very chic.the fall of 1997, one afternoon, the cloud is very light, very pure. From a discarded newspaper, I see a landscape,[url=]oil painting for sale[/url], black and white, no loving strokes, but also could not find a romantic color, even though I think it is associated with point of view, map no hint of youth Story . I rememberedprints, country tone, plowing the land of the knife, black and white. These in the hands of Lu Xun into good art practices, was my first experience, no longer forgotten reason. As a result, oil oil paintings of the iron Yang midnight eaten by cows, I touch the golden moonlight scattered into the cattle trough contrast with the serene night of the engravings, it seem to have the Yanzhao cultural grass-roots symbolic. The spirit of the food, feed the cattle hard on the land from generation to generation.Jian-Dong Xu, I know,[url=]oil painting reproduction

[/url], his colorful language to image the name of the red sign language, very quietly breakdown of our folly. I began pondering the yellow bindings, the understatement of the picture, back to the original faith, and slowly appreciate the way the scenery. Very simple, a trace of sadness colors diffuse through the heart, eye look with a pair of villages in the city changes shape and color to tell the history of the clouds.If we say that the literary language of color and tone, but only sense and imagination. Orazio Gentileschi his color, visual perception to touch. Van Gogh from blue revealed the feelings of the But the same in Van Gogh's Almost unrest. So who made the blue, who will be drunk!from Rose, I see that all the passion from this passion and love. Red, in the Renaissance respect for the most beautiful colors, all ages. Prominent eye-catching with a sort of aristocracy, but also the West's favorite of the aristocracy. As a symbolic color, a specific period in China,[url=]oil paintings[/url], red has brought the tide of revolution, popular throughout China. The same time, also on the screen freeze for some indelible mark on the history, I opened a Wang Guangyi album, peasants and soldiers, the image of good health behind the yellow skin is a revolutionary red, black and white digital print, more or The little bear witness to an era of radical and turn. This image annotation those youth China years. redseem close, close, seem distant blue, deep green, in the middle to form a complementary color. Negative blue-positive red played a calming effect of green, a neutral color. In Gros However, his favorite green, green like poison, gave he brought the bad luck, the release of the poison in the green leather poisoned in Shenghelena of the island. charactergives color to penetrate to the mental image reflected from the screen, I was loyal blue loyalty rational; hoping the red love and passion; want a green life and live, is close to nature the hope of color; be seen from the black elegant and noble qualities, and also unfortunately the sad news of death and mourning, cold white, pure white, the ideal white, also interspersed with fashion and truth. I love Violet's romantic aesthetic tothe lilacs charming; admire the golden happiness, arrogant, extraordinary light and eternal honor of the sacred religious color. Pink gentle, female, gentle and delicate, is obsessed with romantic color, is pure sweetness. inRafael combination. Monet's an era, a change, a color, a character. Historical events and varied, changeable color character, ideology determines the artistic image of the pen, clever mix of color constitute the variety of colorful language, the image transformation of the individual forms of newborn era, pluralistic era, are indispensable to staged with these people obsessed with the color. Cultural reflection, or political shackles; regardless of collectivism or individualism contest, the color of self-expression is the most powerful artistic breakthrough.bkwjz16.

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Oil paintings red has brought the tide of revolution


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